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well hi everyone! this is my place to share more about me!
name- Taya Rose Marie Jablonski
(yes i have two middle names! :) )
age - 15
D.O.B - 05-20-86
H/W - 5 foot 4 (with my boots im about 5 foot 6 in) and im between 130-140 pounds
eye color - they change but there eathier light blue dark blue or a mix with grean and blue
hair color- blonde (yes i am a blonde but im not eathier stupid nor dizzty)

i go to lovley garber high school (yeah... right)
my occupiation there is the rebal!
i play soccer for the girls soccer club at garber i ran track last year..
im also involved with science olypaid.. we took 1st at regonals and are going to states!! whoo hoo!!
well i like to party with my freinds (are partys are made up of me jackie my sis justin matt rick and travis and maybe a few others and a bottle of vodca or captin and some orange juice.. :P)
the music i listen to is eather rock, hevey metal,punk rock, or anything with rock in it!
and also i live in the middle of nowhere so my computer is my pramary sorce of communication!!!
and thats all for now folks!

The History or Story Behind My Site
at first is was gonna be a music site... but im changing it and i just update it when im bored or something!

well if ur in science O stop by there website at www.scioly.org or if ur in michigan like me there website is www.michscioly.org!!

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